davis and reese general and cosmetic dentistry

We smile with you...

Because regardless of your past dental history, we have an enduring commitment to your dental health. We know what you don't... that we have a solution to every dental problem. That's something to smile about!


Pre-Appointment Forms

Save time out of your appointment by filling out all necessary insurance and patient history forms the doctor will need, prior to your scheduled visit.


Doctors and Staff

Davis & Reese is a family dental practice in more ways than one. From the youngest to the oldest member of your family, our father-daughter dental team and friendly hometown staff values the needs of your entire family.


Patient Education

Educating our patients about good oral health is an important step towards the prevention of more serious issues. We provide resources both within the practice and without, to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Children Welcome!

The dental health of your children is as important as the adults. We make it fun and interesting for children to learn about their teeth, and take special care to make sure they are comfortable, unafraid, and pain-free.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Evolving technology has opened up many areas of aesthetic dentistry like restorative and cosmetic procedures that actually correct structural and time-worn problems related to your teeth and gums. Find out more!

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